Do You Even Esky? 4 Tips For Coolin’ Ya Box

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Warm tinnies (or, worse yet, dairy products) on a hot Aussie day are a surefire way to kill the vibe. The good news for you, my scientifically challenged friend, is that we’ve got your Esky’s temperature covered (literally) with a handful of practical tips that’ll help you win friends and influence people. Or something like that…

1. Pre-Cool Your Esky

Refrigerate or freeze food & drinks before putting them in, then add a bag of ice to the Esky the night before you leave to cool the box as well!

2. Use Blocks Of Ice

Party ice melts super quickly. Freeze some bottles of water to put in your Esky instead. Adding salt will help them stay frozen longer too (just don’t forget which bottles are for drinking!).

3. Throw Some Shade

Don’t leave your Esky to cook in the sun. Throw a tarp or blanket over it to avoid excess warming, and make sure there’s good airflow around it. Eskys heat up quickly when left in a car or tent.

4. Fill It To The Max

The fuller the esky, the gooder the esky. Put frozen meat on the bottom & fruit or salads on top. Using a separate drinks Esky can reduce the number of times you open the lid and let cool air out.

Have a chill festival!

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