Everything You Need To Know About Danger Noodles

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When it comes to partying in Australian bushland, snakes are a real threat. Fortunately, with a little knowledge up your sleeve, you’ll be able to respond to a bite or – better yet – avoid our slippery friends altogether!

How To: Avoid A Scaly Encounter

Despite their seemingly tranquil demeanours, longbois (or, snakes, as they are sometimes called) are actually rather passive-aggressive creatures.

Like that housemate who never empties the dishwasher, they prefer to spend their days listening to dub and alternating between lying on the couch in a food coma and slithering around your shelf in the fridge.

And, when confronted about their ways, longbois can get very defensive!

Expect them to mumble hurtful words as they skulk away, or, if you’re silly enough to corner a longboi, don’t be surprised when their long teeth penetrate your dainty flesh.

The best way to avoid such conflict is to be thoughtful about where you reside.

When scoping out a campsite (or a sharehouse) avoid places with long grass, debris littered across the front yard, or visible piles of skin or poo lying around.

If you do see a snake in your tent, campsite or van, keep calm and back away slowly!

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Treating Snake Bites


  • Treat all bites as deadly: Call 000 immediately & alert the on-site medical team.
  • Apply a pressure immobilisation bandage over the bite, tightly enough that you can’t easily put a finger between the bandage & the skin. You can use a roller bandage, cloth, or plastic wrap to do this. Wrap from just above the digits of the affected limb (so you can check their circulation) up to the hip or armpit.
  • Splint the limb (and joints) on either side of the bite & mark the bite location.
  • Keep the bitten person calm & completely still until help arrives.


  • Move the person (unless they’re in immediate danger)
  • Wash, cut or suck* the bite
  • Throw away clothing from the bite area
  • Restrict blood flow
  • Kill the snake for identification
  • Freak out: Anti-venom is available!
  • Apply a tourniquet: Tourniquets can keep poison concentrated in one area, rapidly damaging nearby cells!

*Red Dead Redemption 2 lied to you, this doesn’t work

Happy camping!

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